The Famous Chinook Helicopter Gets an Upgrade

The first of the RAF’s fourteen new Chinook helicopters have been unveiled today by the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, following its entry into service on time. 


During a visit to RAF Odiham in Hampshire, the home of the Chinook force, Philip Hammond also announced a new £115 million agreement with Boeing Defence UK to maintain the engines of the RAF’s increased fleet of 60 Chinooks. A move that will replace five existing support contracts with one arrangement, saving the taxpayer over £20 million.


The first of 14 Chinook Mark 6 helicopters, which were ordered in 2011 as part of a £1 billion programme, have now achieved their entry into service on time and three of the new aircraft have been delivered to the RAF who have commenced training in the UK.


The Defence Secretary and the Chief of the Air Staff, who himself is a Chinook pilot, were given a tour of one of the brand new aircraft and shown the upgraded capabilities that the helicopters provide to pilots and crew.


Benefitting from a new Digital Automatic Flight Control System that provides improved handling qualities and aircraft stability, offering increased safety, the Mark 6 is the most advanced heavy-lift helicopter ever operated by the RAF.

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