Watch: Timelapse footage of HMS Dauntless leaving Devonport naval base.

Watch: HMS Dauntless leaves HMNB Devonport to train for emergencies at sea

Watch: Timelapse footage of HMS Dauntless leaving Devonport naval base.

HMS Dauntless has left Devonport naval base to spend time at sea doing Fleet Operational Sea Training (FOST).

On Twitter, the Type 45 destroyer posted timelapse footage of her leaving the harbour and heading out to sea. 

According to HMS Dauntless, "the ship's company will be put through their paces as we deal with everything from fire fighting to war fighting".

The Royal Navy's world-renowned training regime, FOST, prepares all types of surface warships, submarines and auxiliaries, predeployment, for whatever operations they could face around the globe.

The training for sailors and naval personnel covers the full spectrum from basic safety, fire fighting and damage control (FFDC) to high-end combat scenarios. 

For the last month, HMS Dauntless has been conducting drills as part of training for new members of the boat and bridge teams, which also involved firing her gun for the first time in seven years.

As one of the Royal Navy's six Type 45 Destroyers, she is a state-of-the-art air defence vessel designed to protect carrier strike groups and other critical assets.

Watch: What is FOST?

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