An Unusual School Trip...

Taking evasive action to avoid colliding with an iceberg isn't exactly a normal day at school. But schoolgirl Phoebe Chaston was present...

Taking evasive action to avoid colliding with an iceberg isn't exactly a normal day at school.
But schoolgirl Phoebe Chaston was present during a drill of just such a manoeuvre in a submarine helm simulator. 
That's because her father, Steve, is Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of the submarine HMS Talent, and saw an opportunity to rope Phoebe into one of his regular 'days at the office':
"My daughter has an opportunity to come to work 'with Dad day' going on, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to come in and actually show Phoebe what it is that I do on sort of a day-to-day basis and actually, what I've... been doing in my submarine career".
Phoebe spent the morning touring a real submarine, and after witnessed seamen at work.
There was even a chance for her to try her hand in the hot seat within the simulator.
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At present, four of the nuclear powered T boats (Trafalgar-class nuclear submarines) remain in service and are based in Devonport.
Those subs are HMS Talent, Torbay, Trenchant and Triumph.
The simulator Phoebe got to try mimics the motion of a submarine; like when coming to the surface or going into a dive.
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Nuclear powered hunter-killer submarine HMS Talent conducting drills in the Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland  
It will no longer be in use as of 2021, with the last remaining T-Class boat due to be decommissioned the following year. 
The Astute-class submarines are the replacement for the Trafalgar-class as well as the Swiftsure-class.
Current and future subs of this class are Astute, Ambush, Artful, Audacious, Anson, Agamemnon, and Ajax.
Cover image: HMS Talent in the Clyde area of Scotland