Watch: Royal Navy frigate shows off its torpedo firepower with slow-mo video

Watch: "Torpedoes Away! … Practicing our weapon drills regularly ensures we maintain our fighting edge", HMS Portland posted on Twitter.

Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Portland has been showing off its torpedo skills.

On Twitter, footage of the Royal Navy frigate showed it practising weapon drills in the "beautiful waters of Northern Scotland".

Their post said: "Torpedoes Away! An action packed day spent perfecting our Under Water Warfare skills in the beautiful waters of Northern Scotland"

Practising their weapon drills regularly will ensure they maintain their "fighting edge".

In January, the frigate was tracking the movements of a Russian warship in the North Sea.

HMS Portland monitored the Russian guided missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov and accompanying tanker Kama as they sail in international waters close to the UK.

Portland with her specialist Merlin helicopter embarked – both equipped with cutting-edge sonars, sensors and torpedoes for specialist operations – tracked and reported on the movements of the Russian ships through the North Sea.

HMS Portland with Admiral Gorshkov and tanker in the background 110123 CREDIT MOD.JPG
HMS Portland with Admiral Gorshkov and tanker in the background (Picture: MOD).

HMS Portland underwent a major refit in 2021 and is adept at surface warfare operations as well as hunting submarines.

She spent much of last year patrolling waters close to the UK, with visits to Norway and Sweden and operating with Nato allies on the alliance's submarine hunting exercise – Dynamic Mongoose – in the North Atlantic.

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