F-35s return to flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth

F-35B Lightnings have embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth, with stunning photos showing the fifth-generation jets landing and taking off from the Royal Navy aircraft carrier.

The eight jets from 617 Squadron will be conducting Carrier Qualifications on board the Royal Navy's flagship before continuing Carrier Strike Group operations.

HMS Queen Elizabeth set sail from Portsmouth last week to lead a Carrier Strike Group in the Norwegian and North Seas, working with Nato and Joint Expeditionary Force nations.

The F-35B is a stealth fighter jet with short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) capabilities, meaning it can take off from land and at sea from the Royal Navy's Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers without the use of a catapult.

Unlike earlier generation fighter jets, the F-35B Lightning is designed to carry its weaponry internally, decreasing both drag and its radar signature.

Merlin helicopters from 820 Naval Air Squadron and Wildcats from 847 Naval Air Squadron have also joined HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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