HMS St Albans
HMS St Albans spent 0 days at sea in 2022 (Picture: MOD)

Quarter of Royal Navy's frigates spent zero days at sea in 2022

HMS St Albans
HMS St Albans spent 0 days at sea in 2022 (Picture: MOD)

A quarter of the Royal Navy's frigates spent zero days at sea in 2022, it has been revealed.

The information was made public after Minister for Armed Forces and Veterans James Heappey responded to a written question by shadow defence secretary John Healey.

Mr Heappey also revealed that a third of the Royal Navy's 18 frigates and destroyers spent less than a month at sea last year.

Out of the Royal Navy's 12 Type 23 Frigates, three – HMS Iron Duke, HMS St Albans and HMS Sutherland – did not spend any time at sea last year.

All three ships have been undergoing refits, with HMS Iron Duke returning to sea for the first time last month.

Mr Heappey's response also showed that out of the six Types 45 destroyers, one – HMS Daring – spent zero days at sea. The ship has been undergoing a refit.

"The normal operating cycle of every ship involves them entering different readiness levels depending on their programmes, periods of refit and Departmental planning requirements," Mr Heappey said in the written response.

He added: "In addition, these figures represent days at sea, and it should be noted that, while deployed away from the UK, ships will spend both days at sea and alongside in ports around the world."

HMS Diamond at Greenwich Ship Pier for the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III 02052023 CREDIT MOD Crown Copy
HMS Diamond is the third ship of the Type 45, Daring Class air defence destroyers build for the Royal Navy (Picture: MOD).

HMS Diamond was the Type 45 destroyer that spent the most days at sea in 2022 (114 days), while HMS Defender was not far behind (106 days),

HMS Defender has also had a full schedule this year, having conducted weapons trials in the Outer Hebrides, escorted several Russian units near UK waters, as well as sailing to Norway twice.

The Type 23 frigate that spent the most time at sea in 2022 was HMS Montrose, totalling 212 days.

After nearly 30 years of service, HMS Montrose was decommissioned in April.

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