Princess of Wales holds audience with crew of HMS Glasgow

The Princess of Wales has held an audience with the crew of HMS Glasgow in Windsor.

The crew were invited to the Berkshire town, where they met with the Princess for the first time since her appointment as the ship's Sponsor.

The ship is currently being built in Govan, Glasgow, with Her Royal Highness speaking to the ship's company about how the build was going and their experience of life in the Royal Navy.

Watch: Virtual tour of future Type 26 as it's being built.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appointed Kate as the Sponsor of the 21st Century warship in 2021.

Warrant Officer Darran Sullivan, the ship's Executive Warrant Officer, said it was "a huge honour" to go to the castle and meet Kate.

"The appointment of sponsor signals an enduring connection between the ship's crew and Her Royal Highness," he said.

"It is clear from meeting her that she has a real interest in HMS Glasgow and in the lives of those who will serve on board."

The ship presented Her Royal Highness with the ship's crest and challenge coin.

The first of the Type-26 Royal Navy frigates, HMS Glasgow is expected to enter the water before the end of the year.

The first of eight ships in the class, the ship is being built by BAE Systems – with the Type-26s eventually replacing the Type-23s currently in service.

Each Type-26 will come with the Sea Ceptor missile defence system, a five-inch medium calibre gun, Artisan 997 Medium Range Radar and towed array Sonar.

They will be tasked with protecting the UK nuclear deterrent and Royal Navy's aircraft carrier strike groups from hostile submarines.

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