Fishing vessels

More Royal Navy Personnel Asked To Protect British Fishing Industry Post-Brexit

Michael Gove said he has requested more help from the Royal Navy in policing British waters when the UK leaves the EU next year.

Fishing vessels

Fishing vessels following a clash with French fishermen in August (Picture: PA).

More Royal Navy personnel have been asked to help protect Britain’s fishing industry post-Brexit, according to the Environment Secretary.

Michael Gove said he has written to Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson requesting the Navy’s help in policing British waters when the UK leaves the EU next March.

Speaking at an EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee, Mr Gove said: “We’ve presented a business case to the Treasury, outlining the additional capacity we need – both ships and also aviation, and also staff.

“We will need to recruit potentially another 60 people in order to work in fisheries protection, we’re in the process of recruiting these people now.

Fishing vessels
Library image of British fishing vessels (Picture: PA).

“They will need three months training in order to be ready and effective to do their job.

“We can get some of that capacity from the private sector but it’s also the case we will need some of that capacity from the Royal Navy.

“I wrote just last night to the Defence Secretary, in order to reinforce the importance of the business case, that we present to the Treasury, being signed off.”     

This news comes after tension between French and English fisherman over the fishing of scallops off the French coast.

The argument, dubbed ‘scallop wars’, led to a French minister announcing their navy was ready to intervene to prevent further clashes.