Military Aircraft Dazzle Crowds At Yeovilton

Crowds have been treated to a glittering array of aircraft representing the past, present and future of flight at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton International Air Day.
Cloudy skies and the occasional shower didn't dampen the spirits of the crowds at the Royal Navy's largest Air Day, as more than 35,000 people enjoyed a festival of aviation.
Spectators were thrilled as aircraft from across the world took to the sky with breath-taking and exhilarating flying displays.
The day started as two Wildcats and two Lynx led a 'Diamond 4' formation, in their final ever air day.
RNAS Yeovilton heart sky drawing

Commodore Jon Pentreath OBE, Commanding Officer of Yeovilton said:

"We are really pleased to welcome everyone to RNAS Yeovilton from far and wide. We have assembled a magnificent wealth of talent from across the globe, to make this day very special."

An old favourite brought cheers and loud applause from the crowds as the Fly Navy Heritage trust's Sea Vixen took to the Somerset skies. This all British twin-boom, twin-turbo-jet powered fighter, that flew from the Royal Navy's carriers in the 1960s and early 1970s thundered over the spectators, in true naval style.

The Fleet Air Arm demonstrated their frontline capability with displays from the Lynx Wildcat Maritime Force with the Wildcat and a final farewell to Yeovilton air days from the Lynx Mk 8, as the aircraft goes out of service in March 2017. 

The Black Cats team leader and pilot Lt Cdr Dave Lilly said on landing:

"This was a fantastic display for us showing what we can do with our Wildcats at our home base in front if our home crowd. It's a privilege to display to our community and show them what we can do."

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