Fancy a dunk? Lebanese army helicopter pilots brave the 'Dunker'

Lebanese Army Helicopter pilots have been braving the 'Dunker' in their helicopter training.

Used by the Fleet Air Arms Underwater Escape Training Unit at RNAS Yeovilton, the Dunker is essential Underwater Escape Training (UET) which simulates what to do to escape from a helicopter underwater.

After a comprehensive briefing from staff, trainees strap themselves into the mock cockpit, which is then rapidly immersed completely underwater. The individual must then escape using the correct procedure.

Two specially constructed modules are used, one to represent the cockpit of small aircraft like the Lynx, and another for large aircraft such as the Merlin.

The large module is split into two halves; one half represents the Merlin, the other the Sea King.

The observer's mission console and crewman's station are fitted for the Merlin, as is the other half for the Sea King Mk6.

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