Royal Navy chef

How Much Food Did HMS Torbay's Submariners Eat In Six Months?

Ever wondered how much food the crew of a submarine get through during a deployment? Well, look no further...

Royal Navy chef
Library image: A Royal Navy chef hard at work
Ever wondered how much food the crew of a submarine get through during a deployment?
Well, look no further.
The Royal Navy has released figures showing just that after nuclear submarine HMS Torbay returned to her base-port at Plymouth following a routine six-month underwater patrol.  
During that period, in which HMS Torbay travelled 19,653 nautical miles, roughly equivalent to one trip around the world, the crew ate a staggering 1,902kg of beans, 16,032 eggs and 20,040 sausages.
Food is important to submariners. With no daylight or indication of time underwater, the day's meal is one of the easiest ways to keep track of where you are in the week.
Submariners, meanwhile, are famously superstitious and see any deviation from their daily eating routine as an unacceptable risk in tempting fate.  
Whilst keeping bad luck at bay, the chefs in the galley produced four meals a day for 130 people for the entire six months, all whilst working in an area no bigger than a kitchen in a small flat, where temperatures seldom drop below 40°C.  

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