HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Prince Of Wales Leaves Portsmouth For Next Phase Of Sea Trials

HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Prince of Wales has left Portsmouth today for her next phase of sea trials. 

It is expected the aircraft carrier will focus on war fighting manoeuvres and drills. 

The ship's first set of trials saw her dock in Gibraltar and carry out flight training with a number of helicopters.

It was also the first time an Apache and an F-35 had operated from the same flight deck, which allowed ground crew supporting and maintaining the aircraft to hone their skills at sea.

Completing these trials takes the vessel one step closer to becoming a fully operational warship.

HMS Prince of Wales was commissioned into the Royal Navy fleet in December 2019 and is the sister ship of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy's flagship.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently on her first deployment, leading the Carrier Strike Group. 

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