HMS Enterprise Takes Command Of Key NATO Maritime Force

The Royal Navy took command today of a NATO maritime force, which will work in the Mediterranean.

The Royal Navy has taken command of one of NATO's key maritime forces.

HMS Enterprise is returning to the Mediterranean as a communications and command hub, becoming the flagship of a NATO mission to protect and reassure allies

The Echo-class survey ship is now the Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 with Royal Navy personnel leading the mission for a year.

Enterprise takes over from the ship's company of Kontradmiral Xawery Czernicki, a logistics support ship, who travelled to Portsmouth to hand over their duties.

Commander Philip Harper is the commanding officer of HMS Enterprise:

"We're delivering what NATO does - collective defence and deterrence. Also because we work with mine counter vessels on the removal of historic ordnance from the seas we're ensuring the safety of navigation for all nations."

Enterprise will work alongside eight mine hunters or minesweepers from NATO nations like Germany, Turkey, Spain Belgium Greece and Italy.

Enterprise will be in the Meditteranean by August and will remain there for a year. 

In 2015 she helped rescue over 9,000 migrants as they made desperate attempts to cross from Africa to Europe.

Tasking for this mission means it is unlikely she’ll repeat that role but stands ready to help anyone in distress.

The Royal Navy believes that as the flagship of the mine countermeasures group, HMS Enterprise illustrates the UK’s continued commitment to leading NATO Maritime operations.