HMS Biter officer captures stunning shots of Northern Lights in Norway

A Royal Navy officer has captured one of the most celebrated natural phenomena in the world.

While deployed on HMS Archer in Norway, members of HMS Biter's company were lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights.

HMS Biter shared several images taken by one of its officers of the aurora borealis.

HMS Archer, along with HMS Puncher, HMS Pursuer and HMS Smiter, set off to Norway for Nato exercises last month.

The Royal Navy vessels have been working with the amphibious assault ship HMS Albion as part of Exercise Joint Viking.

Amazing drone footage of Albion's 'office with a view' in a Norwegian fjord was captured during her Arctic deployment in Norway.

Norwegian, Netherlands and UK forces have been working together in the High North – the territories of Nordic countries including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, located throughout the Arctic beyond the Polar Circle – as part of Exercise Joint Warrior as well as Joint Viking.

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