HMS Argyll Caught On Camera As She Joins Coalition Forces In The Middle East

HMS Argyll joined coalition forces in the Middle East earlier in August, as part of the UK's ongoing commitment to maintaining security in...

As you can see in the clip above, the moment HMS Argyll arrived in Bahrain has been captured on camera after two months at sea.

The Royal Navy Type 23 frigate has joined coalition forces in the Middle East as part of the UK's continuous contribution to regional security.

Forces Radio BFBS' Chris Keen spoke to the commanding officer of HMS Argyll, Commander Toby Shaughnessy and asked why they are in Bahrain.

"Our principal aim here is the contribution to maritime security and we do that through the interdiction of principally criminal activity at sea.

"In doing that, the aim is to maintain the continuous flow of commerce in this very important region."

HMS Argyll will be working with the Combined Maritime Forces until late September 2018 and will spend time supporting both Combined Taskforce 152 in the Arabian Gulf and Combined Task Force 150 in the wider area of operations.

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The ship will contribute to counter terrorism, including tough counternarcotics operations to disrupt the funding of terrorist organisations, as required throughout the period as well as strengthening ties with regional partners and allies through port visits and exercises with other nations.

HMS Argyll is the first of its class to be equipped with the latest anti-missile technology, the Sea Ceptor missile system.

Sea Ceptor missile system

The oldest serving Type 23 frigate in the Royal Navy visited Gibraltar in July for a short logistical stop before continuing on her far-reaching deployment.

HMS Argyll carries the new Wildcat HMA2 Maritime Attack helicopter, described by the Royal Navy as "the latest generation of multi-role helicopter specifically procured to operate from frigates and destroyers".

Wildcat HMA2 Maritime Attack helicopter
© Lee Howard

Cdr Toby Shaughnessy is well aware of the challenges ahead for the crew of HMS Argyll.

"The red sea is a critically important area, it's one of the strategic choke points of the world for shipping."

HMS Argyll departure

Trained and equipped for a wide range of missions, HMS Argyll is ready for any contingency that may occur. She has a Ship's Company of 225, including a contingent of Royal Marines.

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