Footage Shows Moment HMS Dragon Roars Into Bahrain For Operation Kipion

The Type-45 destroyer takes a few days of rest after Exercise Saif Sareea 3

The iconic dragons which cover each side of Type-45 destroyer HMS Dragon's bow became part of the landscape in Bahrain as the ship and its crew rested after a busy autumn.

The time-lapse footage above shows HMS Dragon arriving in the Gulf in mid-November to provide regional maritime security, including counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling activities.

HMS Dragon is now alongside in Goa, India for the 2018 Indo-UK bilateral Naval Exercise KONKAN.

It’s been a busy few months for the ship which has seen it take part in operations such as Exercise Saif Sareea 3, linking up with allies within the region.

It has been at the heart of the amphibious task forces and working with Omani allies.

The impressive 8,000-tonne warship is home to 250 sailors, also known as dragons, with a combination of blue and green berets.

Forces Radio BFBS Bahrain presenter Danny Parkinson spoke to Captain of the ship Commander Mike Carter-Quinn who is incredibly proud of his shipmate’s efforts during their time at sea. He said:

"They are thoroughly enjoying it; they are doing a great job so far.

"Delivered a huge amount of effect both at sea and alongside doing some quite high-end defence engagement on the back of Saif Sareea 3."

As well as being involved in operations with middle eastern allies, HMS Dragon is also involved in counternarcotics.

Most recently seizing more than three tonnes of drugs from the Indian Ocean, home to the notorious ‘Hash Highway’ a drug smuggling route through the region.

It has been described as one of the largest finds within the region in recent times.

Expect to see HMS Dragon involved in more counternarcotic operations as well as operations across the Middle East on Operation Kipion. The Captain explained just how varied their role is while on Operation Kipion:

"On a week to week basis my weapon of choice could go from the Royal Marine boarding team for counternarcotic operations to the chefs and stewards delivering high end catering and hospitality for defence engagement."

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