Chris Terrill: Living with Royal Navy and filming The Warship: Tour of Duty

Watch: The making of the HMS Queen Elizabeth documentary.

A documentary filmmaker was given unprecedented access to HMS Queen Elizabeth and has been speaking about his time on board.

Speaking to Forces News, Chris Terrill discusses his time living, working, and filming on board the Royal Navy flagship.

Chris spent seven months embedded on the £3.5bn aircraft carrier alongside her 1,600 crew during her first operational deployment.

Throughout the aircraft carrier's time away, he said he was given a uniform and took part in everyday life during his time on board.

The veteran filmmaker added: "It's very important that I go in there on their terms, not my terms. I am being allowed privileged access into their world.

"I have to earn my place and I don't expect special treatment."

Speaking about his time at sea, Chris Terrill says he witnessed international tensions after British F-35s were sent to fly combat missions into Syria and Iraq, supporting ground forces.

He said: "There was an intense interest in our presence in the Eastern Mediterranean by the Russians", which included hostile Russian aircraft, surface vessels and submarines.

The new six-part series can be viewed on BBC Two and the BBC iPlayer on Sunday 22 January 2023 at 21:00.