My Father Is A Gurkha: Special Tributes Honouring Gurkha Fathers

A social media campaign celebrating Gurkha heritage

As part of the promotion for upcoming film ‘Gurkha Beneath the Bravery’, a special Father’s Day campaign has been created.

#MyFatherIsAGurkha is a social media campaign aiming to raise awareness of Gurkhas and their history. Nesha Gurung, PR manager for the film, spoke to BFBS Radio’s Jess Bracey about the meaning behind the campaign:

“This is our humble initiative to be the agency of social integration between the Nepalese and British communities.”

The campaign asks for people to share photos of their fathers who have served or are serving in the Gurkha regiment, and to share their story alongside it.

For those involved with the film and the campaign, it has been a “special journey”. Nesha was not aware of how well the Gurkhas are regarded by the British public:

“I never recognised my dad as a Gurkha, until I came to the UK in 2011, and I experienced how the British public speaks highly of my dad and Gurkhas in general.”

“It has been quite interesting to see people sharing their photos and reading their stories.”

The hashtag has been inundated with people proudly sharing stories of their fathers and grandfathers. Here are some of the stories that have been shared ahead of Father's Day on June 21: