Historic double parade for the Queen's Gurkha Engineers

The Queen's Gurkha Engineers have taken part in a historic double parade at Invicta Park Barracks today.

More than 100 personnel were involved in the re-subordination and attestation event.

As part of the parade, members of the new 70 Gurkha Parachute Squadron were presented with their new maroon beret.

Queen’s Gurkha Engineers braved snowstorm to take part in a double parade at Invicta Park Barracks,Winchester 01042022 CREDIT BFBS.jpg.jpg
Queen’s Gurkha Engineers braved a snowstorm and freezing conditions to take part in a double parade at Invicta Park Barracks in Winchester.

This is part of moves to make the army more agile as set out in the Integrated Review.

Part of the ceremony involved consigning the 70 Gurkha Field Squadron flag to the history books.

This event was also about marking the attestation of 52 trainees to sappers, with each one swearing allegiance to the flag.

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