Gurkha recruits experience iconic London landmarks on cultural visit

Watch: Gurkha recruits experience the iconic London landmarks.

More than 100 recruits to the Brigade of Gurkhas have taken part in a cultural visit to London, the first time many of the men have experienced Britain's capital.

The trip forms an important part of the recruits' training experience, offering them an opportunity to test their ongoing grasp of English and take in some of the city's iconic landmarks.

While on the visit, the soldiers were treated to tea and biscuits with the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

In February, Forces News began following the recruits as they arrived at Manchester Airport and made their way to their new base at ITC Catterick.

Several months later the recruits seem to have acclimated to the British weather.

Recruit Saawal Limbu, who spoke of his first and chilly impressions of the UK in February, reflected on a very "proud moment" after meeting Mr Speaker.

He said: "It's a very proud moment for us, a person like him, coming and talking to us, and we are getting such a wonderful chance sitting in the Houses of Parliament and sipping on a cup of tea and a biscuit.

"When I am going to talk with my family about this, they will definitely feel amazed, all my friends are definitely going to talk about this, like 'wow, seriously, I am very proud of you' they are going to say", Recruit Limbu said.

Watch: In February, 170 new Gurkha recruits arrived in UK ready for training.

There are rational reasons for facilitating such a trip to Britain's largest city.

Section Commander, Corporal Hem Gurung spoke to Forces News about the "educational visit" and the importance for the future elite Gurkha soldiers to understand the history of the capital.

"Coming to London is a part of education, they will be going through so many histories, plus it's also an education about the culture of the people in England," he said.

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