Double above-the-knee amputee Gurkha veteran begins attempt to climb Mt Everest

Watch: Hari Budha Magar sets off to conquer Mount Everest

A British Army Gurkha veteran is attempting to become the first double above-the-knee amputee to climb Mount Everest.

Having toasted the King's coronation, Hari Budha Magar, who lost his legs in Afghanistan, began his climb at 10pm local time on Saturday 6 May.

It came after a two-week wait at base camp for suitable weather.

Watch: Hari shows Forces News his specially-designed self-heating prosthetics for his Everest climb.

Hari said: "When I lost my legs, I thought my life was over, but only over time did I realise that I only found my true self.

"Anything is possible with adaptation and I hope that my climb changes perceptions people may have about the capability of people with disabilities and also inspires others to climb their own mountain, whatever that might be," he added.

Hari admitted that he was nervous about the climb but said he has an experienced team that he can rely on.

Joining Hari on the climb is expedition leader Krish Thapa who is a world-class high-altitude mountaineer and ex-SAS mountain leader.

He was one of the first members of The Royal Gurkha Rifles to pass selection into the British SAS, serving as head of the Mountain Troops.   

Krish Thapa
Hari and his mountain guide and former SAS mountain troop leader Krish Thapa (Picture: Hari Everest Appeal)

Krish said: "Without a doubt, this is the most challenging ascent I have taken on.

"We have had to innovate a different approach to the climb, with a much larger climb team to ensure safety at all times.

"I feel confident that we have taken in all foreseeable things into our planning, but like any climb over 8000m the weather and environment add a level of unpredictability.

"As a team we are all agreed that safety and life is most important above all, more important than the summit."

Hari served for 15 years in the British Army’s Gurkha regiment before losing his legs in Afghanistan. Picture: Hari Everest Appeal
Hari served for 15 years in the British Army’s Gurkha regiment before losing his legs in Afghanistan (Picture: Hari's Everest Appeal)

Hari served in the Gurkha regiment for 15 years.

His climb is raising money for the charities that helped him with recover after his injury - Gurkha Welfare Trust, On Course Foundation, Blesma, Pilgrim Bandits and Team Forces.

Hari hopes to raise 100 times Mt Everest's height in metres - £884,900 - with the money to be split equally between the five charities.

You can donate to Hari's cause here: 

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