Ayo Gorkhali! Gurkha recruits pass out at Catterick's Infantry Training Centre

"Ayo Gorkhali!" meaning "the Gurkhas are here", is the famous battle cry of one of the proudest and most revered brigades in the world.

After nine months of training, 216 new members of the Brigade of Gurkhas passed out of training in Catterick, and into the Field Army.

Gurkhas are recruited in Nepal in a gruelling selection process, having to beat thousands of other candidates eager to get a place at basic training in the UK.

Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw, Chief Defence Logistics and Support, and Colonel Commandant of the Brigade of Gurkhas, inspected the soldiers, who stood to attention with their iconic Kukris drawn.

"Be proud of who you are now – a Gurkha. But do so with humility and integrity," said Lt Gen Wardlaw.

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