Former Gurkha Smashes World Mountaineering Records

'Nims' Purja has succeeded in the first phase of his ambition to speed climb the world's 14 highest mountains in just seven months.

Nims on the Annapurna (Picture: Project Possible).

A former Gurkha has smashed a world record by climbing six of the world's highest mountains in just over four weeks.

Nirmal 'Nims' Purja has succeeded in the first phase of 'Project Possible', his mission to speed climb the world's 14 highest mountains in seven months.

The current record is seven years, 11 months and 14 days. 

The former British soldier was the first Gurkha to join the elite Special Boat Service and has already got three world records for speed climbing to his name.

A spokesperson for 'Project Possible' said: "It is clear that Nims has missed some summit windows due to the weather and unforeseen, and very tragic, rescues.

"He will be pursuing his bid to climb the world's 14 highest mountains in seven months once he has had some rest.

"His priority will be speaking with his wife and family who have endured some anxious moments over the last four to five weeks".

Lulworth Cove, in Dorset, was where Mr Purja trained for his enterprise. 

Speaking to Forces News before he departed for the Himalayas, the 35-year-old said he is not at all intimidated by his goal.

In 2017, he scaled Mount Everest twice, and also climbed Mount Lhotse and Mount Makalu in just five days. 

"When I summited [Mount] Everest, Lhotse and Makalu in five days, I wasn't tired at all.

"I feel like I can achieve well above and beyond", Mr Purja says when looking at his current achievements. 

Watch: Nims Purja spoke to Forces News on his training route in Dorset.

The former soldier has put everything on the line to achieve his new dream, even re-mortgaging his Hampshire home.

"I was born in Nepal, I'm the best of the Gurkhas," he told Forces News.

Nims Purja training in Dorset.
Nims Purja training in Dorset.