SAS Who Dares Wins Justine Episode 5 Series 6 Credit Channel 4

SAS Who Dares Wins' Youngest Ever Recruit: 'I Want To Feel Like Part Of A Family'

Justine Pellew-Harvey reveals the heartbreaking reason she wants to join the British Army.

SAS Who Dares Wins Justine Episode 5 Series 6 Credit Channel 4

SAS Who Dares Wins' youngest recruit has spoken of wanting to join the British Army so she can feel part of a family after her mother died of breast cancer when she was 13. 

"I want to be like you guys. I want to feel like part of a family."

Former Army cadet Justine Pellew-Harvey grew up in Italy with her Russian ballerina mother and Italian father but moved to Cornwall after the death of her mum. The teenager has a plethora of life experiences behind her, including, at 16, travelling on her own to Nepal to climb to Everest Base Camp and the Three Passes Trek.

VIDEO: Foxy and Staz question Justine about their concern with her lack of leadership skills
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Justine travelled to Canada with the Army cadets, where she was an expedition leader in charge of 100 other cadets. Her report from Canada said that Justine "served as an inspiration and encouragement to her peers". She was awarded the honour of being Top UK Cadet and was invited back to help instruct the next year's exchange cadets from the UK.

Despite all this life experience, Justine still felt unsure about joining the Channel 4 Special Forces selection show, saying: 

"I was in Army Cadets for five years in which you're really forced into leadership roles. 

"As a child, I was always the badass but being the youngest recruit is definitely scary." 

SAS Who Dares Wins Ant Middleton Series 6 Episode 5 Credit Channel 4

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After showing poor leadership on a task which sees Justine in charge of Team Alpha, Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and his Directing Staff (DS) of Jason Fox, Billy Billingham, Melvyn Downes and Anthony 'Staz' Stazicker bring her in for questioning.

Ant believes Justine was not paying attention to what was being asked of her, saying: 

"She's only young but that's what selection is all about. 

"Imagine that on the battlefield, having a brain fart like that, it's going to cost lives."

SAS Who Dares Wins Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox Anthony 'Staz' Stazicker Series 6 Episode 5 Credit Channel 4

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While questioning Justine, DS Jason and Staz discover the heartbreaking reason she wants to join the Armed Forces. She feels suited to a military career because she has always been a very disciplined child.

She grew up with parents who were both high achievers which made her feel, in comparison, a "massive disappointment". Her strict mother went to the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow, and her dad is a very entrepreneurial man. 

She took on extreme sports, epic challenges and joined the Army Cadets to "really, really impress them". This, in turn, led to Justine dreaming big. She aims to either join the British Army or work for the United Nations.  

After Justine's mother died, the teenager and her father moved to Cornwall. To survive the heartbreak of her mother's death and the turmoil of having her life flipped upside down, Justine kept her feelings bottled up inside. At this point, DS Staz talks about the death of his own mother when he was 11, saying: 

"I wasn’t very emotional. I repressed everything. I didn't deal with that emotion and I see that look in your eyes that reminds me of myself when I was your age." 

SAS Who Dares Wins Murderball Challenge Series 6 Episode 5 Credit Channel 4

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The recruits take on Murderball – a challenge designed to drain their energy.

Justine admits she did the same thing. She did not cry at her mother's funeral because she found it incredibly difficult to understand that she would never see her again. She did not talk about her mother's death with her father. She said: 

“"That’s how we coped with it, we just put a lid on it and just, that's it." 

The recruit explains she joined Cadets because she wanted to feel like she belonged to something, saying: 

"That's also why I want to join the military. 

"I want to be like you guys. I want to feel like part of a family." 

Jason and Staz reassure Justine that she is more than capable of succeeding on the course, but they want to see more self-belief, saying: 

"You've just got to be confident in your own abilities because you as an individual are f****** there. 

"It's now about leadership. We want to see you at the end." 

Later in the show, the DS offer all recruits the chance to speak with loved ones back at home via video call. Justine refuses to answer the call which, in the eyes of the DS, is the right decision and makes her "beyond her years", with Ant saying: 

"She is going to make an awesome soldier." 

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