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Dorset Army Cadet Shortlisted For Award Honouring Inspiring Youth

The latest Forces Radio BFBS Cadet of the Week, Daisy Atkinson has a lot to look forward to still this year

Cadet Daisy Atkinson profile picture

An Army cadet has become the latest to be in with a chance to win a once in a lifetime trip to South Africa thanks to her soldiering skills.

Cadet Daisy Atkinson from Dorset is one of forty cadets up for the coveted CVQO Westminster Award which has recognised the achievements young people for the past 14 years.

She'll now face a tough selection event in Somerset against other talented youth later this year. 

For this Daisy has earned Forces Radio BFBS's Cadet of the Week award.

Access All Areas presenter, Tim Humphries spoke to her about how the cadets have motivated her to do great things:

The charity behind the award faces a difficult task each year choosing which talented youths should progress through the arduous selection event in Somerset.  

CVQO Chief Executive Guy Horridge says:

“It sounds like a cliché to say, but every year we are privileged to spend time with a fantastic group of young people in Somerset and I’m sure 2018 will prove to be no different” 

Daisy hopes to become one of only ten chosen to go to South Africa on the trip in July.

She’ll also earn a place at a House of Lords luncheon as part of the competition.

Being nominated for the CVQO Westminster Award is a proud moment for Cadet Atkinson:

“I’m over the moon that I managed to get this far, because I know it’s quite a prestigious award.”

Daisy certainly fits the criteria for the competition: In addition to her cadet activities, she volunteers at Two Rivers Meet Leisure Centre with a local gymnastics club, where she helps out with training youngsters aged five years and above.  

Daisy has been a part of Christchurch, Dorset Army Cadet Force for 18 months and loves her time as part of the group.

“I most enjoy going on the camps and going to see other people from different detachments from around Dorset.”

Group photo of cadets in uniform from Christchurch detachment, Dorset ACF

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