Jordan Wylie with cadets. Credit Army Cadets


Beneath The Surface: Army Cadets Aiming For Two Guinness World Records

Army Cadets and ambassadors are taking on TWO Guinness World Record Attempts

Jordan Wylie with cadets. Credit Army Cadets

Army Cadets are taking on two enormous Guinness World Record attempts as part of their contributions to World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2020. 

Jordan Wylie and Sally Orange, Army Cadet Ambassadors, will be taking on the 'deepest underground marathon'. Aptly named 'Beneath The Surface' to demonstrate that "you can never really know what is going on underneath the surface of someone's mind." 

While above the surface, Army Cadets across the country will be taking part in a virtual mass participation record - an online mental health awareness course.

SO1 Jack Cavilla, Head of Media and Communications for the Army Cadets explained why they had chosen to do the course. He said:

"As a youth organisation we feel its important that were making our young people and volunteers aware of these issues, and how people might be struggling."

On the surface Boulby Mine in Harrogate. Credit Boulby Mine

Army Cadet Ambassadors, Sally and Jordan, will be running a marathon 900 metres below ground, at Boulby Mine in North Yorkshire. They will be running to a tight deadline, as there are only two lifts down a day.

The current Guinness World Record for the Deepest Half Marathon took place in Poland in 2004, 212 metres below ground. The 11 participants ran 21,097 metres at Bochnia, Europe's oldest salt mine.

The hope is that this latest marathon will push the event to the wider public, as well as inspiring all of the 40,000+ Army Cadets to take part in the online course record attempt.