Army Cadets Win Movie Machine Competition With Ghostbusters Re-make

Move over Spielberg and Tarantino - Army cadets win film-making competition with Forces Cinemas

Spielberg and Tarantino eat your heart out - because cadets are calling 'lights, camera, action' as film-makers in the latest Forces Cinemas competition.   

Cadets from across the UK took to their smartphones to make their own one-minute movie for the chance to win our mobile cinema, the Movie Machine, to attend their summer camp.

City of London & North East Sector Army Cadet Force were the lucky winners with their take on the 1980s film favourite, ‘Ghostbusters.’  Julie Bennet, public relations officer at the detachment, said: 

“We were really pleased. It was so nice to win. We put a lot of effort into our props. Everything we’d done paid off.”

The London-based Army cadets staged a ‘Ghostbusters’ re-make using jumpsuits for costumes, drawing hand-made signs and even making a go-kart.

It was a family affair, as Julie’s two-year-old grandson was involved in creating the film’s famous slime. She said: 

“The whole family got involved. In fact, the cadets are a family.”

The cadet ‘family’ regularly meets together to hone their digital skills, with the teenagers filming and posting a variety of videos to their social media channels.

Movie Machine competition winning cadets.

Land, Air and Sea cadets all depend on the hard work and dedication of civilian adult leaders volunteering at local detachments. For Julie, it's the cadets themselves who inspire her. She said:   

“The thing that makes me go back every week is the cadets. Just the smile on the faces and the achievements.”

The competition prize was a visit by the Movie Machine to their cadet summer camp.

The City of London & North East Sector ACF had an awesome week at their annual outing in Longmore, Hampshire, in August.

As part of the prize, the young people enjoyed not one, but three films at the mobile cinema.

Here's what some of the cadets thought about their Movie Machine prize ... 

The Movie Machine competition has clearly got the creative juices running for these and many other cadet detachments across Britain.

The Forces Cinemas team who run the Movie Machine are already looking forward to launching next year’s competition. So, budding Spielbergs, Tarantinos and Scorseses - get ready for your next chance to win.

You can find out more on the Movie Machine at

The Movie Machine which is owned and operated by SSVC works in partnership with Sky Cinema. The agreement means that the Machine will support Sky VIP events and can also travel to facilitate film viewings for UK Armed Forces personnel across the UK free of charge.