Army Cadet Lance Corporal Natasha Bryant of Nivelle Company BFBS Radio Cadet Of The Week

Army Cadet Comes To The Rescue Of A Man Thanks To First Aid Training

The teenager was just 13 when they saw a man convulsing and leapt into action

Army Cadet Lance Corporal Natasha Bryant of Nivelle Company BFBS Radio Cadet Of The Week

A young Cadet has been rewarded for coming to the rescue of a man who was having an epileptic seizure. 

Army Cadet Lance Corporal Natasha Bryant of Nivelle Company in Oxfordshire has been presented with the ‘Praiseworthy First Aid Certificate’ - the highest level of recognition for first aid in the Army Cadet Force - for their swift thinking following first aid training. 

Natasha, who uses they as a gender-neutral pronoun, was named as the BFBS Radio 'Cadet Of The Week' in January for their decisive action.

While the young cadet was on a bus with a friend in 2019, a man behind them started convulsing. Speaking with BFBS Radio broadcaster Jade Callaway about the experience, Natasha said: 

“My friend just told me; she went “there’s somebody having a seizure behind us”. 

“There were lots of people crowding around and trying to figure out what to do and I stepped in and said I was a first aider and I dealt with the situation.”

The Army Cadet, who had been taught first aid the weekend before at a company weekend and was 13-years-old at the time, had told friends about the training after enjoying it so much. On seeing the man convulsing, the cadet leapt into action. Natasha said: 

“I timed the seizure and I got the bus driver to call an ambulance because nobody knew him. 

“He eventually came out the seizure and it turns out he was epileptic so the ambulance didn’t have to come but I talked to him for a while after that and made sure he was OK.” 

The Army Cadet’s family are thrilled over the recognition for the youngster's quick thinking. Natasha said: 

“It’s really cool to be able to receive one of these rewards because you don’t really find them that often considering, you know, the fact that the situation doesn’t really occur that often. 

“Everybody thinks it’s really good that I’ve been able to use the skills I’ve acquired in Cadets.”

First aid is now one of Natasha's favourite subjects, along with field craft as the cadet, now aged 14, enjoys practical activities. Natasha said: 

“I also think that it’s one of the more useful things you can do in Cadets.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nivelle Company has kept the Cadets engaged by continuing to meet virtually via Zoom. The group has also held some company events including one they called ‘Glaston-beret’. Natasha said: 

“That was really, really fun and we all had to build tents in our gardens and everything. 

“We’ve done virtual company weekends, so I’ve really, really enjoyed being able to keep on with cadets.”

How have you been keeping the flame alive? Some of our cadets have been taking part in Online Physical Training! #ArmyCadets @armycadetsuk

Posted by Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force on Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Natasha encourages all young people to join the Cadets, saying: 

“I would say definitely do it because I have met some of my closest friends in Cadets. 

“I have done some of the coolest things I’ve done in Cadets and it’s helped me in my everyday life and in situations like the one I had to go through.” 

The certificate was presented virtually by Major Wayne Thrussell, Company Commander of Nivelle Company, which is named after The Battle of Nivelle, November 10, 1813.