World's Fiercest Fighters Get First Taste Of Fast Food

New Gurkha recruits at Catterick Garrison have been given a first taste of British culture since arriving in the UK eight weeks ago.

Unlike other new British Army recruits, the trainee soldiers must learn about the country's way of life, as well as how to do drill, iron their uniform and fire a gun.

Gurkha Company Instructor Cpl Subash Tamang said:

"We started with very basic things... how to cross roads [at a] zebra crossing, how to be polite with people and also [how to use] bank cards."

"Especially [important is teaching them to use] public transport, the bus, the taxi service."

New skills they have to learn include going out to eat, ordering fast food - and of course, tasting their first ever burger from McDonald's.

Gurkha recruits first burgers
"We are all excited. Hopefully, the food looks quite good.. which means I will enjoy [it]."

The recruits have spent the past two months within the confines of their garrison.

After passing off the square, when they're inspected on drill and appearance and questioned on history, they're allowed out into the wider world.

Hannah King joined them in Richmond, North Yorkshire to see how they got on.

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