What You Won't See On Raw Recruits: Squaddies At 16

Find out what the TV cameras didn't capture at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate.

Tearful farewells, uncompromising locker inspections and draining exercises have kept viewers glued to the Channel 5 documentary series Raw Recruits: Squaddies At 16.

The compelling fly on the wall series follows the Junior Soldiers at the Army Foundation in Harrogate as they navigate five months of phase one training.

Filmmakers capture the moment the teenagers from 7 Platoon collect their first payslip, visit war graves in Normandy and experience an emotional reunion with loved ones.

But what you won't see on the screen is the level of education at the college. Major John Cartwright-Terry says:

"90% of all of our Junior Soldiers that graduate from here will leave with a functional skills level one qualification."

"That makes us one of the most successful educational institutions in the UK." 

The Officer Commanding Cambrai Company continued:

"We're taking people who have no education and have not had the opportunities before they arrive and they are leaving here with... academic qualifications that will make them eligible for promotion to WO1." 

Raw Recruits: Squaddies At 16 continues on Monday at 10pm on Channel 5.

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