Watch: UK troops on Nato duty test firing skills on targets placed at sea

Watch: British troops on Nato duty test firing skills on beach.

Troops from the British Army's Royal Lancers have been testing their firing skills by hitting targets placed at sea from their position on the beach.

Shown in a video on its Instagram account, the regiment says the test of D Squadron's gunnery skills shows how they have "firepower in any situation".

D Squadron is a light cavalry squadron mounted on Jackal armoured vehicles, specialising in reconnaissance.

It took over from the Royal Dragoon Guards, Black Dragoon Squadron in the Nato Enhanced Forward Presence US-led Battlegroup Poland, in October.

The Lancers' six-month stint integrating with allied Nato forces in support of Baltic security, comes against the backdrop of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

D Squadron has operational experience in Afghanistan and Kosovo, preparing personnel to live and train with the US armoured battlegroup in north-eastern Poland, alongside Romanian air defence and under the Polish Brigade's command.

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