Veteran Prepares For Solo Rowing Challenge Between Yemen And Africa

A former soldier who ran through three of the world’s most dangerous countries for charity will attempt to take on his next challenge - 'Rowing Dangerously'.

Veteran Jordan Wylie will be taking on the challenge across the Bab-el-Mandeb strait between Yemen and the Horn of Africa completely solo.

He has taken to the water in Henley to receive some tips from Olympic Rowing gold medallist Alex Gregory.

In 2018 he took on running competitions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia to help children affected by war and conflict to access education.

This year, Mr Wylie is pushing the boundaries even further by attempting to row solo and unsupported across one of the world’s most dangerous straits of water.

 Rowing Dangerously Jordan Wylie with double Olympic Gold Rowing champion Alex Gregory 040319 BFBS
Mr Wylie, left, trains with Olympic Gold champion Alex Gregory.

"I'm going to go to one of the world's most dangerous stretches of water," he said.

"The area is surrounded by a lot of challenges and complexities.

"It is is a hotbed of activity. If we look at Yemen there is still a conflict there.

"The Gulf of Aden is renowned as being a hotbed of piracy."



Jordan Wylie prepares to take on his tough challenge in pirate waters 040319 BFBS.jpg
The challenge that Jordan Wylie is preparing for has never been done before.

It is a challenge that has never been done before in a sport he is unfamiliar with as Mr Wylie aims to raise £250,000 to build a new school in Africa for child refugees.

Mr Gregory said: "Just the motion and process of the rowing stroke is quite technical, so from that point of view I hope that's what I can bring."

He added: "Rather him than hear what Jordan talks about with so many elements going on.

"I think I'll stick to this nice bit of water here on the Thames."

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