BFBS lockdown legends

These Lockdown Legends Inspired Us All During The Pandemic

Here are some of the people you put forward for their inspiring acts of kindness, camaraderie and solidarity during lockdown

BFBS lockdown legends

A host of incredible acts of solidarity and kindness have inspired the public as they face one of the greatest challenges of the modern age during the coronavirus lockdown.

From raising money for the NHS to helping fellow community members boost their morale, people up and down the country have been making an effort, in a variety of ways, in a combined effort to combat the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us.

Their stories have provided some light relief after a flood of unsettling reports began appearing in the news following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic which brought the world to standstill.

In the past weeks, people across the world have taken a stand to put their mental-health and wellbeing first, and as a result many people have made it their mission to support the nation, their loved ones and fellow community members through various activities from fundraising projects, entertaining community members to going that extra mile to put a smile on someone’s face through these difficult times.

BFBS launched a community engagement project, named Lockdown Legends, to reach out to our audiences to ask them to select who they would nominate as their ‘lockdown legend’ and tell us why they have selected their chosen hero.

Here’s a small handful of the incredible lockdown legends that were selected by our BFBS audiences.

The DJ Who Hosted A ‘Front Garden VE Day Party’ For His Neighbourhood 

Professional DJ, Stevoss, used his musical skills to host a ‘front garden VE day party’.

The party was a massive success and the neighbours said they loved it.

A great example of how some people recently used their skills and expertise to support their community, in this case bringing VE Day celebrations to neighbours front gardens - what an amazing idea.

Maisie’s Rainbow Beads To Support The NHS

lockdown legend Magie

Natalie Hopkins’ daughter Maisie spent lockdown making rainbows out of beads that people could hang in their windows to show support for the NHS. She’s made over 120 rainbows to raise money that would go to the Royal Gwent Hospital, being their local hospital. 

“She didn’t want to put a price on the rainbows so just asked for a far she’s raised over £500 from 120 small little rainbows. She got so many orders to do and will keep going until she can’t sell no more.”    

Kyle Miles - The Man Behind The 8ft Running Dinosaur

Corporal Kyle Miles from Catterick was chosen as a lockdown legend for making everyone smile in the garrison by dressing up as an 8ft orange dinosaur and running around the estates during his one hour of daily exercise. 

Cpl Miles became a local celebrity, where people started taking pictures and videos of him during his runs. He even started to get requests of where to run. 

Ava Stanfield: 5K A Day For Nine Days 

The amazing Ava was nominated by her dad Paul Stanfield. Ava spent nine days running 5K every day with her dad in her Wonder Women outfit, in the hope of raising £100 for the NHS.

What’s even more incredible is that Ava is only seven years old.

Not only did Ava reach her target, she absolutely smashed the target by raising more than £1,300.  

Imogen’s 7.1 Million Keepie-Uppies Challenge Dedicated To All UK Keyworkers In The UK 

Inspired by the fundraising efforts of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who became a national hero by walking laps of his garden to raise £33 million for the NHS, 10-year-old Imogen Heidel from Cambridge used her football skills to set herself an enormous challenge to do 7.1 million keepie-uppies with a football for all 7.1 million keyworkers across the UK - raising money for keyworker charities in the process.