Special access: How wannabe Commando Gunners respond to an attack

We spent time on the 'pre' commando training course with those hopeful of eventually attaining the green beret.

29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery routinely deploys around the world and has supported military operations in Sierra Leone, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and, most recently, Ukraine.

The unit says the coveted green beret has not changed through the years, but that they still need to convince more women to join.

Our courageous reporter Hannah King joined wannabe commandos on the 'pre'-commando training course, to find out more.

They hold a unique capability within the Royal Artillery and provide offensive support to 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.

29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery is a regiment of Army Commandos held at very high readiness (VHR), specialising in amphibious operations, mountain, desert, jungle and arctic warfare.

The Commando Gunners recently celebrated their 60th birthday with more than 1,000 serving and veteran personnel marching through Plymouth to mark the occasion.