Scots Guards face first Major General's inspection of the year

Watch: First Major General's inspection of the year.

F Company Scots Guards have faced the first Major General's Inspection of 2023 – ahead of a busy year of ceremonial duties. 

Christopher Ghika CBE, Major General Commanding the Household Division, conducted the first of the year's annual inspections to confirm troops are fit to perform state ceremonial and public duties.

During the inspection at London's Wellington Barracks, the soldiers were tested on military knowledge, history, values and standards, and uniforms – with their presentation and drill examined throughout.

The primary role of F Company Scots Guards, also known as 'the Immortals', will be to deliver state ceremonial and public duties.

This will include providing guards at St James' Palace, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and His Majesty's Tower and Fortress of London, while also taking part in events such as guards of honour for visiting dignitaries and the State Opening of Parliament.

The company is made up of guardsmen who have just passed six months of initial training at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick.

As well as conducting ceremonial duties, it is also the company's responsibility to prepare the guardsmen for the rest of their military careers.

musicians from the Band of the Scots Guards during Major General's Inspection 15022023 CREDIT BFBS
Musicians from the Band of the Scots Guards during the Major General's Inspection.

Most guardsmen will spend between nine months to a year in the company before moving on to 1st Battalion Scots Guards and their Mechanised Infantry role.

Some of the Army's toughest judges inspected F Company and musicians from the Band of the Scots Guards – who played several songs during the inspection, to the delight of the public crowd that had formed at the gates of Wellington Barracks.

Alongside Major General Christopher Ghika, there was a Garrison Sergeant Major, the Commanding Officer of the Household Division Bands and the Master Tailor.

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