Royal Signals 233 Sqn Time Capsule. Credit Royal Signals


Royal Signals Dig Up Centenary Time Capsule After 43 Years

The box of memories has been opened to mark the 100th anniversary of the Corps

Royal Signals 233 Sqn Time Capsule. Credit Royal Signals

A squadron of Royal Signals unearthed a treasure trove of memories when they dug up a time capsule buried 43 years ago which they opened again to mark their Corp's 100th anniversary.

The members of 233 Signal Squadron had buried the capsule in the foyer of the squadron building in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, On October 4, 1977, as they planned ahead for the Corps’ Centenary in the year 2020.

Each item captured a memory relevant to life during Operation Banner in 1977 and those memories have been revisited now that the time capsule has been unearthed as the Corps reached the milestone anniversary.

Veteran Ian Miller, who attended the original burial ceremony and was there when the capsule was dug up again, said:  “So interesting to be here -  I was 18 when it was buried.

"I’m now 61, and I never thought I would see that day. It's been amazing.”

Royal Signals 233 Sqn Time Capsule and items. Credit Royal Signals

Members of 225 Signal Squadron and veterans of 233 Signal Squadron followed social distancing guidelines, in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, to watch as the time capsule was dug up.

Major Ben Fry, Officer Commanding 225 Signal Squadron (ECM(FP)), explained that the digging up of the time capsule had been particularly significant after the original plans to mark the Corps’ centenary had to be shelved following the COVID-19 outbreak, adding:

 “I had a feeling the Corp wouldn’t be able to celebrate as planned, so this might be one of the only things that could go ahead for the centenary.”

233 Squadron time capsule plaque. Credit Royal Signals

Major Fry said every item in the box was well thought through and represented the period in time that it was buried despite some wondering what they might find inside in view of Army humour.

There was a whole host of items in the capsule dating back to 1977 that brought back memories and these included:

  • Postage stamps 
  • An Elvis Presley single 
  • A calendar 
  • The book, 'Life, The Universe And Everything' by Douglas Adams 
  • Photographs
  • Multicore cables used to secure speech systems 

Now 225 Squadron is now planning to bury its own time capsule to pay homage to those before them, said Major Fry, adding:

"It would give something for our successors in the same way they did for us."

You can watch the full video of the time capsule being dug up on the Royal Signals facebook page below.

Video credit Royal Signals.