Royal Artillery Bids Farewell To Centuries-Old Unit

Soldiers from 19th Regiment Royal Artillery have been joined by former members of the unit as they paraded before crowds that had gathered at Edinburgh Castle for a farewell tribute.

Crowds at Edinburgh Castle watch 38 Seringapatam Battery farewell parade

The unit was marking the end of 38 (Seringapatam) Battery, which has been disbanded as part of the ongoing restructuring of the British Army.

19th Regiment of the Royal Artillery march past Edinburgh Castle

The battery can trace its history back to the 4th Company Bombay Artillery in 1768.

It has served in both World Wars and has also been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Final inspection of 38 Seringapatam Battery

The commanding officer of 19th Regiment Royal Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Beaumont, was among the crowds paying tribute to one of its oldest batteries.

"Its a sad day but these changes are part of Army 2020."

Former members of 19th Regiment Royal Artillery on parade

A fellow member of 38 Seringapatam Battery, David Horrobin, was sorrowful at witnessing the end of an era.

"It's very hard to explain to civilian people what joining a battery or a regiment means to fellow soldiers. It becomes your whole family."

As a final salute to the Battery, its longest-serving member was given the honour of firing the one o'clock gun at Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle One O’Clock Gun fires final salute to 38 Seringapatam Battery

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