REME Celebrates 75 Years Keeping The Army In Action

A big military parade at MoD Lyneham has marked three-quarters of a century since the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers were formed...

The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) have been on parade at MoD Lyneham to celebrate their 75th anniversary. 

Army equipment has a hard life and it's REME's job to repair and maintain it so the frontline can keep fighting and the top brass can keep in touch. 

The Corps was formed in during the Second World War, when it was realised that individual units were struggling to deal with the more complex equipment coming into use and it was difficult to release vital staff for training.

The men and women of REME don't get an easy life in cosy workshops. They're often called up to the frontline to sort out electrical or mechanical equipment that's not functioning.

Forces Network reporter Rebecca Ricks joined friends and family who witnessed the celebrations.