Red Devils show off their daring skills ahead of the 2023 display season

Watch: The incredible skills of the Red Devils parachute display team.

The Red Devils have released a video highlight of their training ahead of the 2023 summer season.

The official parachute display team of the British Army posted some impressive footage this week of its squad members preparing for the display season.

Footage uploaded to the Red Devils' social media showed members of the team parachuting thousands of feet above the ground and performing some incredible manoeuvres – almost effortlessly.

The incredible footage was taken by one member of the squad and included two other members of the team during training earlier this year.

The parachutists were able to control their speed and glide in proximity to each other.

The routine ends with one member of the team floating directly above another's parachute without disrupting either of their descents.  

The Red Devils have already performed on several important occasions this year, including for the King's coronation and the Shuttleworth Air Show.

An elite unit of the Parachute Regiment, the team performs more than 350 tandem skydives and 60 parachute displays each year.


The Red Devils is made up of 15 highly trained paratroopers from the regiment, who go through a very intense selection process before joining the team.

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