Lt Gen Sir Jim Hockenhull said he was "thrilled" at the appointment (Picture: MOD).

Princess Anne appointed Colonel-in-Chief of Army's Intelligence Corps

Prior to the Princess Royal accepting the honorary role, the Duke of Edinburgh had held the title for more than 40 years.

Lt Gen Sir Jim Hockenhull said he was "thrilled" at the appointment (Picture: MOD).

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal has become the Colonel-in-Chief of the British Army's Intelligence Corps.

Princess Anne's father the Duke of Edinburgh held the position from June 1977 until his death last year.

Lieutenant General Sir Jim Hockenhull KBE, Colonel Commandant of the Intelligence Corps, Lt Gen Hockenhull said he was "thrilled" at the appointment, but acknowledged the "coveted relationship" Prince Philip had with the Corps.

"It is a huge honour that Her Royal Highness will be taking on this role and the Corps is looking forward to welcoming her into the strong Corps family and benefiting from her wisdom and guidance," he said.

Princess Anne was visited by Lt Gen Hockenhull and Colonel Mike Peebles, Intelligence Corps Colonel, the first formal meeting between the Princess Royal and the Corps, during which she formally accepted her new honorary title.

Princess Anne holds the title of Colonel in Chief for a number of military corps (Picture: MOD).

Princess Anne holds a number of military titles and patronages, including several Colonel-in-Chief positions across the British Army.

What does the Intelligence Corps do?

The Intelligence Corps was formally established in July 1940 and has supported every British operation since, with troops persistently deployed around the world.

The Corps is part of the British Army and its main roles include providing intelligence analysis and gathering information.

Intelligence Corps analysts are embedded across the Armed Forces, also working closely with UK Special Forces and the National Cyber Force, with a significant number of its troops persistently deployed on global operations.