New Army recruitment ad: You have your say

Watch: British Army's latest advert.

The latest British Army recruitment advert showing personnel rescuing a baby from a flash flood has garnered mixed reactions on social media.

The 37-second ad is the second in the Army's Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do campaign.

The campaign's aim is to deliver the message that despite technological advances, soldiers will always be the Army's most valuable asset, crucial in providing homeland resilience.

Forces News asked its Twitter followers whether the ad would inspire them to join.

The majority of the responses indicated that the ad was not representative of what the Army is actually like, claiming that Maca (Military Aid to Civil Authorities) work is only a small part of the job. 

A Twitter user with the handle TheFusilier said: " No. A firepower demo is more representative of who we are.

"Maca is only a very small part. Soldiers are not social workers. Our job is to close in with and destroy the enemy. Woke fools are turning us into a joke." 

Others on Twitter shared the same sentiment, expressing concern that portraying soldiers in the role of emergency services is not indicative of the job potential recruits would be signing up for. 

A Twitter user by the name of Brian said: "With respect, it's not a realistic point of view. It can be rewarding in the forces and there are many jobs involved and skills, but showing actors in flood situations won't help."

Others seemed to agree tweeting: "No! People want to join the Army to be a Soldier not a fireman or an ambulance driver.

"No-one in the Army likes these tasks, we only do them because the country is broken and we have to!!!"

Response to British army ad from twitterResponse to british army ad on twitter

Some Twitter users claimed that the ad was outright dangerous as it did not accurately portray how a rescue would be properly carried out with the necessary safety precautions. 

Phil Newmarch said on the social  media platform: "Very good if it's a TV drama, but showing untrained personnel running into a dynamic flood situation with no PPE, floatation vests or wading poles is ridiculous and the exact opposite of how the emergency services and SAR would deal with the situation."

Mike Douthwaite shared a similar opinion, tweeting: "Have you seen the absolute hammering it's taking by showing bad practices to the public about water safety.

"The advert is dangerous in so many ways as it shows exactly what not to do in that situation."

army recruitment ad

Others on Twitter lamented that the ad was focused on civilian aid, with one user saying: "Not combat then... Why has recruitment focused on these softer themes rather than the job itself of delivering lethal force?

"The military is not the fire brigade and seems embarrassed to say so."

But not all of the responses were negative, with one Twitter user calling the advert "lovely" and even adding a heart emoji. 

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