Military Tracked Vehicle Takes On Tractor In Tug-of-War Competition

Ever seen an Armoured Personnel Carrier take on a tractor in a Tug-of-War? Well here you go ...

Sporting a Rolls-Royce K60, 240 horse power engine and weighing over 15 tonnes, the FV432 Mark 2-1 armoured personnel carrier was used in service - to carry troops, as an ambulance for injured personnel, a command vehicle and as a recovery vehicle.

In scenes shared on social media, this former military vehicle was filmed in an epic tug-of-war, going up against a Ford TW 25 tractor with a 156 horse power, diesel turbo, six-cylinder engine weighing more than eight tonnes.

The tractor - owned by Walker Plant Services Ltd, and driven by Rob Nicholls - seemed like a worthy match but see what happens when the battle commenced in the footage.

FV432 Mark 2-1 at display event. Credit: Harvey Gillatt
FV432 Mark 2-1 at display event. Credit: Harvey Gillatt

The FV432 Mark 2-1 absolutely smashed the tractor in just a few seconds at the Notts NVTEC Working Weekend, an annual agricultural event run by the Nottinghamshire Group of the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club.

FV432 'Maid Marion' before being restored. Credit: Harvey Gillatt
FV432 Mark 2-1 'Maid Marion' before restoration. Credit: Harvey Gillatt

Harvey Gillatt, 22, an Agricultural Engineer from Nottinghamshire, bought the tracked vehicle as a non-runner when it was filled full of water in a scrap yard five years ago, but he painstakingly restored it back to its former glory.

FV432 is loaded onto a recovery truck
FV432 Mark 2-1 is loaded onto a recovery truck. Credit: Harvey Gillatt

Harvey believes that the FV432 Mark 2-1, built in 1966, saw service in the first Gulf War after being decommissioned in 2010.

He shows the road-registered vehicle at events and displays around the country and even drives it to his local pub.

The FV432 Mark 2-1 is named in tribute to the 'Maid Marion' tank from his local unit, the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry (YSR) that saw service in the Second World War.