The Military Interpreters Making It Possible For Nations To Work Together

3 RIFLES have been in eastern Ukraine training Ukrainian troops in vital defence skills.

Tensions on the border of Ukraine are high as the threat from neighbouring Russia continues.

3 RIFLES have been training Ukrainian troops in vital defence skills in the east of the country.

Interpreters make this possible, ensuring the Ukrainian soldiers fully understand their instructions from the British trainers.

They come from all over Ukraine and throughout the seven-week exercise, ensure information is passed on accurately.

For many, it is their first time working with the military.

"It's a very new experience for me, I really enjoy it," said Nadiya, one of the interpreters.

"People came from Great Britain to help our army, I think it's just great, it shows cooperation and shows that other countries are interested in our victory and that they are ready to help us.

"It means a lot to Ukraine." 

In 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and supported separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 people were killed in the ensuing conflict. 

With relations becoming more strained, the skills being taught to these soldiers - with the interpreters help - could make the difference between life and death.

Ukraine troops - interpreters piece 1218

Yulia, one of the interpreters, told Forces News: "[Our main task is] to make our guys understand the new methods, how they are working and it should be very helpful for them in their fight because new methods is always great."

Lance Corporal James Mullin of 3 RIFLES emphasised just how crucial the interpreters are for the training to take place:

"The majority of these guys [Ukrainian troops] have got no English skills whatsoever, can't understand us, so without the interpreters this entire training course wouldn't happen."

British troops have been putting the Ukrainians through their paces on Operation Orbital, passing on hard-won expertise to their allies.

British military personnel have helped support Ukraine against Russian aggression since 2015, training over 9,500 students.