Household Cavalry Jungle Training In Brunei

Jungle Predators: Can You Find The Hidden British Soldiers?

The British Army is good at lots of things, not least hiding. So why not take on its challenge and see if you can spot the soldiers hidden...

Household Cavalry Jungle Training In Brunei

The oldest and most senior regiment in the British Army has been jungle training in Brunei.

The Household Cavalry has been taking on the Jungle Warfare Training school in the country, which trains soldiers to deploy deep into enemy territory.

Command and control can be difficult and in the thick undergrowth, it's difficult to spot targets. Can you spot all the hidden soldiers above?

The tough and demanding conditions in the jungle prepare troops to deploy anywhere in the world.

It's back-to-basic soldiering and personal discipline and good admin really pays off.

Good communication is the only way to make sure no-one is lost or left behind.

Want to know how you did? Take a look below to see where the soldiers were hiding...


Household Cavalry Jungle Training In Brunei - Soldiers Ringed

In 2015 Britain and Brunei signed a defence agreement that will ensure British troops remain stationed in the Southeast Asian state until 2020.

The then-Prime Minister David Cameron and the Sultan of Brunei agreed to renew the long-standing arrangement during a meeting at Chequers.

The UK has had a contingent of Gurkhas in Brunei since 1962, and there are currently around 2,000 personnel based in the country.

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