Gurkha Veterans' Glimmer Of Hope After Nepal Earthquakes

A team from the Queen's Gurkha Engineers have been helping the people of Nepal to rebuild, following the earthquakes that struck the country last April
More than 8,000 people were killed, and close to half-a-million buildings were destroyed in the wake of the tremors.
One village has seen work completed on new schools and homes, but across the region reconstruction has been slow.
After the earthquake, nearly 300 students from Pachowk Secondary School were forced to study in temporary shelters.
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The heat from the tarpaulin, the noise from the near-by classroom, the sound of rain, the mud & rain all were hampering their studies.
The widow of an ex-Gurkha, 80-year-old Mana Maya Ghale, used to live in a two storey house but it was completely destroyed in the earthquakes. Her neighbour Thakali Kancha said:
"I was in the other house sorting out the firewood. I saw that house tumbling. The whole house was destroyed."
After the Area Welfare Centre alerted the Gurkha Welfare Trust, the situation started to look more positive.
In December 2015, members of the Queen's Gurkha Engineers arrived in Pachowk and started work immediately.
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Within 25 days they constructed Pachowk Secondary School and in six weeks they built the houses for ex-Gurkha wives Mana Maya Ghale & Padam Maya Gurung.