EXCLUSIVE: Specialist British Soldiers' First Operational Deployment In Kuwait

A new specialised infantry group has been taking part in its first operational deployment, training soldiers in Kuwait...

A brand new specialised infantry group of British soldiers has been training Kuwaiti forces as part of its first operational deployment.

4th Battalion, The Rifles (4 RIFLES) have been working alongside the Kuwait Land Forces and National Guard as part of their first operational deployment, training troops the art of patrol drills.

It emerged earlier this week that Britain is considering establishing a permanent military presence in Kuwait at the request of its government.

The battalion has been taking part in low-level patrolling drills, where the focus is on getting the basics right.

The patrolling formations consist of troops keeping between 10 and 15 metres apart so that if an enemy attacked minimal damage would be caused.

The soldiers stationed in Kuwait are the first to have been trained by the new specialised infantry unit, as Acting Major Dominic Watson told Forces Network:

 "We're focused on capacity building in various countries - places like Kenya, Nigeria and here.

"We're spread across the world doing similar training as we are doing here.

"We can see the really good relationship the UK has with Kuwait, and we're looking to improve that throughout our time here."

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There is an emphasis on the fine details when patrol drills are being taught.

Each member of 4 RIFLES has been handpicked for their individual expertise

The regimental motto is "swift and bold" - appropriate given they do not have long to build trust and get results in Kuwait.

"We are new faces to them so we need to build that relationship up before we can do any training whatsoever," said Corporal Matthew Wood.

"It’s all about taking the time to drink some chai [tea] and eat with them and build up that relationship - and then we can go into the soldiering aspect of it."

"It's been made easier because they're a good set of guys."

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