British Troops On Red Square - 2010

The Day British Soldiers Marched On Moscow

It may be hard to imagine now but not so long ago, British troops were welcomed onto Red Square...

British Troops On Red Square - 2010

With tensions between Russia and NATO member states like Britain and the US remaining high, it might surprise you to find out that just eight years ago British troops were welcomed onto Red Square.

A lot's changed since 2010. Vladimir Putin once again became Russia's President in 2012, after four years as Prime Minister to Dmitry Medvedev (he had been ineligible to run for a third consecutive presidential term in 2008). 

Since then Russia has annexed Crimea and become involved in Syria's Civil War, leading to heightened tensions with the West.

But on Sunday, May 9, seven years ago, British soldiers were invited by the Russian Government to march on Red Square for the first time in history. Just click below to watch...

76 soldiers from 2 Company 1st Battalion Welsh Guards represented the UK in the parade.

They did so alongside more than 10,500 Russian troops and representatives from the US, France and other armies from what was the Grand Alliance, to mark the 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Today, Russia has been showing off some of its most advanced military hardware to the West during 2018's Victory Day parade.

Mr Putin is quoted by the Guardian as saying "Peace is very fragile" at the start of the display, which featured a flypast by the country's new SU-57 stealth fighter, recently deployed to Syria, and its new hypersonic missile, known as the Kinzhal, which Mr Putin recently described as "invincible".

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is set to hold talks with Mr Putin on military coordination after airstrikes in Syria overnight that were blamed on Israel, was one of the few foreign guests.

Above video courtesy of the British Army.

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