Danish and British troops storm and secure enemy airfield on exercise

Scotland hosted Exercise Lucknow Lancer, a vital combined training camp for the NATO allies.

Danish and British mounted troops have been exercising together, sharpening their skills in a complex fighting environment.

Soldiers from the Danish Royal Guard Hussars have been working with the Royal Lancers practising how to storm an enemy air base and secure it from hostile forces.

The training is all a part of Exercise Lucknow Lancer, a combined training camp in southwest Scotland.  

Exercise Lucknow Lancer sees the NATO allies working alongside each other to ensure they can successfully operate together when it counts.

The cavalry soldiers' mounted and dismounted skills were put to the test, as they operated in both open ground and built-up areas, ensuring that they worked together to achieve their mission. Exercising together in a complex fighting environment is vital training for both the Danish and British mounted troops.