Cockpit View of a Simulated Nuclear Airstrike

The French Air Force has released footage of a nuclear strike mission from beginning to end.
The missile which can be seen firing from a Rafale jet isn't armed with an atomic warhead, but the sortie – which the pilots describe in detail, is run as if it were the real thing.
The Force de Frappe‘s nuclear strike mission was flown by a Rafale B multirole jet carrying an ASMP-A nuclear missile belonging to the EC (Escadron de chasse) 1/91 Gascogne at Saint-Dizier.
The video shows the entire mission profile, from the take-off to the return to base, including the aerial refueling from a C-135FR aerial refueler and the simulated attack on the ground target.
The attack run is performed at high-speed and ultra low-level: 1,000 km/h at 100 meters.

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