Close combat survivability: New course trialled by British Army's global response force

Watch: 16 Medical Regiment put through their paces on close combat survivability.

Soldiers from 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team have taken part in trials of a new close combat course designed to give them the skills and confidence in hand-to-hand fighting.

The aim of the Close Combat Survivability (CCS) course is to give personnel options to deal with aggressive people short of the threat or use of lethal force – confrontations in the space between "shouting and shooting". 

CCS could prove useful in any situation where troops encounter civilians, such as patrolling in urban areas, searching buildings, operating from vehicles, and dealing with unruly crowds.

The programme is based on the experience of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Forces News caught up with troops from 16 Medical Regiment who have been put through their paces on the new course.

16 Medical Regiment provide medical support to 16 Air Assault Brigade and learning close combat was a novel experience for many in the regiment.  

Between December and April, the aim is for 3,000 soldiers to have completed the programme, which course leaders hope will be taken up across the entire Army.